Organic Peace Silk BASTA • plain weave • 55% organic silk 45% Lyocell

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2_logo_peace_silk_kleinMedium-weight silk fabric with Lyocell

Non-transparent fabric from soft tussahsilk from organic agriculture and Lyocell (55%/45%)
Particularly suitable for light clothing: blousses, shirts, scarves and curtainsg
The silk comes from an organic agriculture and non-violent production. The short pieces of the fibers from the empty cocoons are  traditionally  spun and machine woven whereby the fabric gets its unique character. 
Lyocell is a regenerated fiber made of cellulose that has high dry and wet strength. It is soft and absorbs moisture very well. Fabrics made from Lyocell have a smooth and cool hand-drape feel, low crease tendency and can be washed and chemically cleaned. The cellulose fiber is completely biodegradable (according to manufacturer 100% in 16 weeks).


You can also get this fabric as DEVA peat silk.

For this, the Peace Silk is activated with the properties of the refined peat fibers. Please order the activation here! Activation extends the delivery time by around 7 days.

In order to maintain the effect in the long term, insert peat-silk yarn into the seams of the textile. You can also order the required amount of yarn here.

You can find more about DEVA peat silk on our info page or at


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