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DEVA - the silk that lets you sleep peacefully!

DEVA peat silk protects and strengthens the human organism. It has a beneficial and harmonizing effect.

The activated (refined) peat fibers support people in their heat balance. Through the living forces inherent in them, it actively helps him to overcome the effects of electromagnetic waves. It is recommended for people who are electrosensitive and who suffer from the effects of high-vibration energy (mobile communications, WiFi, etc.).

The Peace Silk silk fiber carries light forces within itself, which - like the cocoon for the butterfly - serve as protection for humans.

Silk is also suitable for treating numerous skin problems and is used for wound healing.

Our bed clothes cares for a recreative and quiet sleep of your darling. Our organic satin is characterized by a very smooth and lustrous fibre. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Silk bed clothing is recommended for allergic persons and suitable forsensitive baby skin. 

The activation of the silk fabric takes place through processes in which peat fibers and other constituent and healing substances are involved. Peace Silk and refined peat fibers work together in the use of these textiles as clothing or in the interior design. DEVA peat silk warms in a very specific way and has a positive effect on the life forces, which need a lot of heat. In addition, refined peat fibers are sewn into the seams of the shirt to enhance the effects.

  • undyed and unbleached
  • woven from organic silk in Jharkhand/India
  • manufactured in Saxony/Germany
  • useful envelope closure without buttons or zipper
  • washable until 40°C/100°F by hand or washing machine
  • recommended detergent: tenestar

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