The Team



Dr. Matias Langer, born 1951. Studies: physics and geography, CEO for many years in a trading company of natural textiles, teacher at different Waldorf schools, especially of technology, 3 years project management in renewable energies in Spain. 2010 Founder and CEO of Seidentraum, trading company of organic silk and Peace Silk textiles.

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Ute Richter


Ute Richter, born 1956. I am a hand weaver, graduated as craftsman (Geselle) after my formation from 2000 until 2004 at the Werkhof Kukate . Since then I am weaving with my both hand looms individual clothing and shawls. A small insight in my workshop you will find here ...

Member of  Förderverein weben+

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Sarita Knapp, born in 1980. I am a State Certified Business Assistant and successfully completed the Media Design and Photo Design courses at the Online Schule für Gestaltung in Germany.

I grew up amidst a business of healthy and sustainable textiles and I love it from the bottom of my heart when I can contribute to this topic with design and photography. I love "making things beautiful" and designing them.