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Organic Peace Silk jersey MORA XL • 100% silk natural white

Product no.: CCC-MJ-145

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Stretchable Interlock-Jersey jersey from mulberry silk

Knitwear (flat) from soft mulberry silk, machine knitted, natural white.

Particularly suitable for shirts, leggings, underwear and sleepwear. The jersey will be delivered as loop.

The silk comes from an organic agriculture and non-violent production. In manual work the silkworm cocoons are cut to let the silk moth escape. The short pieces of the fibers are traditionally spun and mechanically knitted whereby the fabric gets its unique character. The organic silk is manufactured by underprivileged people of the poor rural tribes in Jharkhand, East India.

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material: 100% silk

origin: India type of silk mulberry

rearing: non-violent

quality: organic, Peace Silk

certificate: * Organic Textile Std.

manufacturing: machine knitted

dyeing: -

width: approx. 145 cm

weight: approx. 150 g/m²

availability: on stock

* This fabric was manufactured according to one of the most stringent natural textile standards. All production companies are certified (spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving). Since SEIDENTRAUM is not certified as a retailer, the product (in accordance with the provisions of the Global Organic Textile Standard gGMBH as the owner of the "GOTS" brand) can not be offered by us as "certified". Thank you to everyone involved in the production and organization of these beautiful silk textiles that strive to guarantee you top quality organic quality with the highest possible standard of environmental and social sustainability.

Find out more about Peace Silk

You can also get this fabric as DEVA peat silk.

For this, the Peace Silk is activated with the properties of the refined peat fibers. Please order the activation here! Activation extends the delivery time by around 7 days.

You can find more about DEVA peat silk at www.peat.clothing

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100 - 200
121 - 150 cm