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  • fair & sustainable in every way
  • family owned business
  • Gift cards available

Shirt DEVA (Peat Silk) • long sleeve • 100% silk

90.00 €

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Naturally good

DEVA peat silk protects and strengthens the human organism. It has a beneficial and harmonizing effect.

The activated (refined) peat fibers support people in their heat balance. Through the living forces inherent in it, it actively helps to overcome the effects of electromagnetic waves. It is recommended for people who are electrosensitive and who suffer from the effects of high-vibration energy (mobile communications, WiFi, etc.).

The Peace Silk silk fiber carries light forces within itself, which - like the cocoon for the butterfly - serve as protection for humans.

Silk is also suitable for treating numerous skin problems and is used for wound healing. The soft and supple bourette silk embraces the body shape optimally and can thus develop its positive properties. The jersey is elastic and stable, so that you will enjoy this garment for a long time.

The silk jersey comes from certified organic silk farming (kbT) and was manufactured according to the "Peace Silk" principle without killing the silk worms. The shirt is sewn in a small factory in Germany.

The activation of the silk fabrics takes place through processes in which peat fibers and other constituent and healing substances are involved. The interaction of the various etheric forces creates a strengthening and protective environment for the organism. In addition, refined peat fibers are sewn into the hems of the shirt to enhance the effects.

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All around a product from fair and sustainable textile production.

The long-sleeved shirt is available in

men's sizes XS, S, M, L and XL,

for women in S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Care instructions

We recommend the gentlest method: hand wash at 30° C with tenestar in the machine or in the sink. If heavily soiled, you can also wash silk at 60° C. The more often and the hotter you wash natural fibers, the faster they become brittle.

Additional product information

100% silk (Peace Silk) Refined peat fibers
kbT - organic