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  • fair & sustainable in every way
  • family owned business
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Sweater Remembering • 100 % Organic Peace Silk • Ladies

Product no.: STN-pul-rem

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Discover the unique women's sweater "Remembering" now - your statement for luxury, comfort, and sustainability!

This limited favorite piece is the first garment from the young fashion label "Seidenstern Modedesign." The jersey sweater, made from 100% pure organic peace silk, is truly unique in the market, offering an unparalleled wearing experience.

Immerse yourself in the incomparably gentle sensation of silk on your skin, as silk ensures that moisture stays where it should be - in the skin. With its temperature-regulating properties, the "Remembering" sweater pampers you with the highest level of comfort, keeping you radiant throughout the day.

Featuring a timeless design and environmentally friendly production in Germany, this sweater is a statement for modern women who value both style and sustainability. Pair it with your favorite jeans for a relaxed look or wear it with a skirt for festive occasions - it complements any outfit perfectly, exuding elegance at all times.

Indulge yourself and experience the joyful feeling of organic peace silk. Get "Remembering" now and experience silk in its most beautiful and ethical form.

Recommended sizes based on chest circumference:

82-85 cm - Size 36

86-89 cm - Size 38

90-93 cm - Size 40

94-97 cm - Size 42

98-102 cm - Size 44

*Garment produced in Germany*

Care instructions

We recommend the gentlest method: hand wash at 30° C with tenestar in the machine or in the sink. If it is heavily soiled, you can wash silk at up to 60°C. However, it loses its natural shine quite quickly. The more often and the hotter you wash natural fibers, the faster they become brittle.

Find out more about Peace Silk

You can also get this fabric as DEVA peat silk.

For this, the Peace Silk is activated with the properties of the refined peat fibers. Please order the activation here! Activation extends the delivery time by around 7 days.

You can find more about DEVA peat silk at www.peat.clothing