Silk cosmetics

Silk cosmetics

Silk cosmetics
Tender care with organic silk and natural ingredients
Silk is one of the finest natural fibers. It contains proteins that are very similar to the structure of human skin, and has a high moisture binding. Silk has valuable properties in cosmetic care products and thus fulfills ideal conditions for optimal hair and skin care.

Silk makes the skin supple and feels soft and tender. Silk is also suitable for sensitive skin and therefore also applicable without restriction for all skin types. Silk protects our skin and cares for the hair.


Why is organic silk unique?

Our organic silk comes from the bio-dynamic silk rearing project SABA and is therefore free of pesticides and antiobiotics. Incompatibilities are limited to the application of certified organic silk cosmetics to a minimum.

Through many years of experience in product development, skilful combination of herbal ingredients and gentle production, all products reach a minimum shelf life of 30 months.

Personal care products that are offered for sale in the EU are basically tested without animals!

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Silk cocoons for peeling and massage

Pure mulberry silk for skin care

5.95 € / set(s) *
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Facial cream with organic silk

12.95 € *
only 14.95 €
100 ml = 43.17 €
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Body soap with organic silk

Hochwertige Seife für besonders sensible Haut 

4.95 € *

Hand cream with organic silk

Besonders für die beanspruchte Haut   

9.95 € *
100 ml = 19.90 €
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