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 We differentiate our silk fabrics:

  • Type: mulberry, tussah, eri......
  • Origine: India, China...
  • Rearing: organic, bio-dynamic, conventional
  • Quality: Bio, Peace Silk, conventional
  • Manufacturing: handicraft oder mechanical
  • Certification


Our quality

Our silk fabrics  come from organic silk rearing according the EU regulation 834/2007 for organic husbandry. Organic silk means: eco-friendly and fair produced silk fabric.

They are produced in accordance with the highest organic textile standard. All mills are certified (spinning, dyeing, weaving, stitching, knitting). As the chain of dealers is not completely certified we can not label these fabrics as "GOTS certified". Nevertheless it is high grade organic quality that guarantees the highest possible level for ecological and social sustainibility. The textile chain from the silk rearing to the counter is eco-friendly, sustainable and fair.

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The fabrics with the label "Peace Silk" are made of silk, which is obtained according to the principles of ethical silk production without the death of silkworms. The caterpillar can complete its metamorphosis and leaves the cocoon as a butterfly. Thereafter the cocoon is processed. This silk is also called Ahimsa silk. Ahimsa means "non-violence". Peace Silk comes from organic silk breeding and is mainly certified.

Projektbeschreibung KambodschaSeidenstoffe mit dem Fair-Trade-Symbol werden in Werkstätten gefertigt, die von Organisationen geführt werden, die der World Fair Trade Organization angehören und für faire Arbeitsbedingungen Sorge tragen. Die Seide aus Fair-Trade-Produktion ist biologisch erzeugt. 





Due to its very fine and smooth fiber structure silk falls supple and soft.

Silk is very similar to the skin in its chemical structure and therefore particularly skin-friendly and ideally suited for allergy sufferers. The silk is said to have a soothing effect on the skin.

Info about Seidenallergie (German)

Naturopaths recommend silk especially for skin diseases. Silk has been proven to help relieve irritated skin and accelerate wound healing.

The high proportion of silk glue (sericin) in bourette silk has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Bourette silk is therefore used especially for diapers, nursing pads and baby clothes. Babies and children with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis can not control the scratching of the skin, especially at night. Give your child a pleasant wearing comfort and protection against scratching the wound without restricting the freedom of movement.

Link to the study (English)...

Silk warms in the cold and cools in the heat. It is therefore perfectly portable both in summer and in winter.

Silk can absorb about 30% of its own weight in liquid without feeling wet. It therefore absorbs body sweat very well and lets the skin breathe.

Silk is robust in many ways. Thanks to its smooth surface, it is dirt-repellent and insensitive to odors. Silk is tear-resistant and has the greatest elasticity of all natural fibers.


Physical data of mulberry silk

  • Density: 1,25 g/cm³
  • Thickness of fiber: 12-25 um
  • Tenacity: 350 Mpa (Mega-Pascal)
  • Strain: 24%
  • Elasticity:  highest of all natural fibers
  • Humidity absorption: up to 30% of self-weight
  • Nassfestigkeit ca. 85% der Trockenfestigkeit
  • Wärmerückhaltung: 88%
  • Flammpunkt: 300...460°C (schwer entflammbar)
  • Beständigkeit gegen Laugen (alkalische Waschmittel): Gering

 Source: Wikipedia