Special fabrics

Special fabrics


As a world first, we can offer you two innovative fiber blends: Peace Silk and Lyocell (Tencel)! Lyocell is an industrially produced cellulose fiber from natural raw materials. The solvent is not toxic and WIKIPEDIA writes: "Compared with other regenerated cellulose fibers such as viscose, the manufacturing process is considered to be significantly less polluting due to the environmentally friendly solvent and a closed material cycle ...".

Lyocell is made from eucalyptus wood from sustainable forestry and is biodegradable. More about Tencel...



Hemp-silk: A wonderful lustrous and tough fabric - ideal for fesitve  clothing like wedding, galas, celebrations... or for living room textiles such as opaque curtains or covers for furniture.



banan_br_gnBanana-silk:This unique new fabric is a composition of banana fibers and mulberry silk. These fibers are woven to a high quality and exclusive fabric with extraordinary characteristics. The weave is robust and sustainable, impassible against grease (e.g. cosmetics) and has an excellent capability of moisture resorption and fast release. In spite of high tensile strength it persuades with its tenderness and flexibility. 

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Organic Peace Silk SAGUNA XL • satin white • 55% organic silk 45% Lyocell


The sustainable alternative

32.00 / m *
Available 31 m

Organic Peace Silk MALMAL XL • Plain weave • 80% Lyocell 20% organic silk


Light and sustainable

22.56 / m *
Available 32 m

Organic Peace Silk LAKSHA XL • plain weave white • 30% silk 70% linen

Shiny and everlasting

35.00 / m *
Available 34.8 m

Organic silk BANANA GOLD • 35% silk (Peace Silk) 65%viscose


Golden and soft

24.00 / m *
Available 149 m

Peace Silk KAPAS • 30% silk 70% cotton


The economic alternative

32.00 / m *
Available 14.3 m

Organic Peace Silk LATIKA • hand woven • 35% organic silk 65% Lyocell


Handwoven and sustainable

23.21 / m *
Available 29 m

Organic hemp-silk • SHINE 77% hemp / 23% silk brass


A fascinating combination - lustrous and long-living

55.00 / m *
Available 10.5 m

Organic Peace Silk BASTA • plain weave • 55% organic silk 45% Lyocell


Economic and sustainable

23.80 / m *
Available 24.1 m
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