All Peace Silk fabrics

All Peace Silk fabrics


Peace Silk from ethical silk rearing - Ahimsa Silk

Peace Silk – silk fabrics that are produced without killing the silkworms from organic silk rearing. This silk is also called Ahimsa Silk or non-violent silk. AHIMSA is a Sanskrit term for the principal of non-violence, which reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern religions and cultures. 


Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of non-violence and respect towards all living creatures, the Indian engineer Kusuma Rajaiah spent years searching for an alternative ethical and economical method for the production of mulberry silk fabrics  and let the butterfies alive. He succeeded in developing methods, which facilitate the production of marketable products from mulberry silk in rural India: The fibers were reeled from the cocoon after the emerging of the moths. The result are magnificent fabrics that have found admirers even in Hollywood.

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New 5 m Peace Silk satin TUSHITA 80 • Your Design

280.00 *
Available 10
can be shipped within 14 days

New Organic silk satin UNICORN non-violent • 100% silk

49.80 / m *
Available 16 m

New Peace Silk FLORALIA • satin 100% organic silk

59.00 / m *
Available 8 m

New Peace Silk INDIAN SUMMER • satin 100% organic silk

59.00 / m *
Available 7.8 m

New Peace Silk TROPICAL • satin 100% organic silk

59.00 / m *
Available 7.6 m

New Peace Silk POPPY • satin 100% organic silk XL

59.00 / m *
Available 19 m

Organic Peace Silk jersey ERI 200 • 100% silk natural white

from 79.00 / m *
1 m² = 42.93 €
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery
1 - 36 of 45 results