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The beginning of the project, SEIDENTRAUM - organic silk eco & fair - I owe to Kamaldeep Kaur and her fascinating Bandhani silk scarves from Gujarat. From the meeting in October 2010 at the Grassi fair in Leipzig, the first online shop with the silk artworks of Kamaldeep was created. In search of alternatives to traditional silk fabrics, I came across the SABA project in China, and Kusuma Rajaiah's initiative to produce silk fabrics without killing the silkworms: the Ahimsa silk or non-violent silk. Meanwhile my assortortment is concentrated on this quality of Silk: the so-called Peace Silk.

Seidentraum - Leipzig - Großhändler, Händler, Importeur

By taking over the "organic silk" division of the Swiss silk weaving mill Weisbrod-Zürrer, the foundation was laid for an own assortment. Thus, gradually an offer of alternative materials was created, which are characterized by their ecological and social production conditions. Meanwhile, the topic of "sustainability" has arrived in many areas of the fashion scene and Seidentraum can come up with healthy and fair textiles. The partnerships with several international fashion networks enable a Europe-wide distribution of the offer.

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