Organic silk DEVA • natural white Peace Silk • 100% organic silk

Organic silk DEVA • natural white Peace Silk • 100% organic silk

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Peace Silk from Meghalaya • 100% organic • 100% sustainable
Heavy and smooth pongé (canvas) for clothing, be clothes and living room textiles. DEVA appears with its distinctive structure of hand woven fabrics. 


The eri silk is harvested from empty cocoons after removing the pupae.The fibers are spun mechanically. The fabric is woven by women in small rural coopertives in Meghalaya(NE-India) - done in traditional handicraft manner.

Kong Tmung is a weaver from Umden, Ri-Bhoi-Distrikt in Meghalaya.


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Peace Silk fabrics and yarns are produced without killing silkworms, also called AHIMSA. It is a Sanskrit term for the principal of non-violence, which reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern culturs and religions. The silk worm can terminate its metamorphosis to a pupae. The fibers are reeled from the empty cocoon after the pupae has removed.

Principally, Peace  Silk can be used wherever unpolluted and ethically acceptable fabrics play an important role. When used for the purpose of clothing (e.g. as bridal gown) or in interior design the silk will have a beneficial effect on the surroundings. The positive influence of the silk can even be applied in therapeutic work.

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The advantage of Meghalaya Silk

  • 100% ORGANIC
    • farming without use of herbicides and pesticides
    • no use of chemicals at the silk rearing
    • fibre production exclusively from empty eri silk cocoons
    • dyeing of the textiles by natural herbal dyes
    • natural silk without chemical finishing
    • silk rearing in small rural units
    • textile manufacturing in family workshops
    • survival of traditional handicraft
    • income maintenance in spite of climatic change

High quality silk textiles from sustainable and fair manufacturing on a high level of craftsmanship for an acceptable price


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