Silk top with straps • 100% organic silk

Silk top with straps • 100% organic silk


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Top with broad straps and rounded neckline
Wonderful cuddly orgnic silk jersey in Interlock quality

Double sizes: 36/38 (S), 40/42 (M, length approx. 59 cm), 44/46 (L) and 48/50 (XL)

Colours: black, white, sand, light lilac, light rosé

Silk is the most precious natural fiber in the world: it gently cools us in the summer and warms us in winter. Due to its similarity to the human skin, it is particularly suitable for sensitive or allergy-susceptible skin types.

Additional product information

Material 100% Silk • Bio-Silk kbT • Origin: China • Chlorine-free bleached, without optical brightener, synthetically coloured, mechanical equipment
Quality Our silk is from organic silk rearing. Here the silkworms are fed with mulberry leaves grown according to the rules of organic farming. The result are healthy silkworms, which spin high-quality silk threads: poison free without artificial fertilizer and pesticides in a healthy environment.
Certification All manufacturers are GOTS certified (spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving and sewing). Since the dealer chain is not completely certified, this product can unfortunately not be offered as "GOTS certified" by us. Nevertheless, it is a matter of high-quality organic quality, which guarantees you the highest possible standard for ecological and social sustainability.

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