Organic Peace Silk GILA • Georgette white • 100% silk


Organic Peace Silk GILA • Georgette white • 100% silk

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Peace Silk - the loveliest way to wear silk
White medium weight Georgette with its special crepe texture - an intersting eye-catcher for bluses, shirts, curtains, scarves...
Peace Silk is the alternative for people who care about the lives of animals, for people who appreciate the queen of natural fibers.
Sericulture is done under natural environment. The trees where the silk worms grow are not treated with any kind of fungicide, insecticide or genetic spray. To safeguard worms and leafs from other insects or birds, the entire tree is covered by a net quite similar to a mosquito net.

Once the silk worms are grown to cocoon, they are kept safe in a sheltered place till the pupae comes out of the cocoon in the form of a beautiful butterfly. This process may require 2 to 4 weeks. This special method makes the production slower but it is essential for our philosophy of making non-violent silk. Once butterflies have left their cocoons, the processing is done naturally without using any harmful chemicals.

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Quality criteria

  • Bio-Silk is a pure natural product
  • Organicic agriculture of the mulberry trees
  • No appliance of pesticides
  • No killing of the silkworms
  • Manufacturing without heavy metal salts and harmful chemicals
  • Fair wages for the workers


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