Sleep Mask from Peace Silk • 100% organic silk white

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Light and breathable sleep mask made of natural Peace Silk (100% organic silk) with a silk filling.

The mask is ideal for not being hindered by the light from sleeping when your partner is still reading, or on the plane when you want to take a nap. If you are not disturbed by light, you can sleep longer and deeper.

Melatonin is the key hormone that ensures that we sleep well, deeply and through the night. Among other things, it is released in the brain and controls our day-night rhythm. The production is stopped immediately when you expose yourself to the light at night.

The sleep mask is available in one size. It has a rubber band that is covered with silk.

Measure: 22 cm + 25 cm band

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Prices incl. German VAT plus delivery • VAT different for other delivery countries

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