Organic Peace Silk MAVI • Pure Handicraft 100% silk • original colours

Available 13 m

46.00 / metre(s)
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Rarity • Coloured Silk

Heavy silk fabric with a width of 75 cm for clothes, curtains and other applications in the home textile sector.

MAVI is made from hand-spun silk yarn from Peace Silk silk rearing. The weft yarn is not dyed but is obtained from rare coloured cocoons. The fabric is hand-woven in a family business in Hatay.

The coloured cocoons were previously native to the Hatay region (Turkey) and Syria. The silkworms were endemic to that area and had been considered extinct for 40 years. The silk breeder Emel Duman has successfully reared the silkworms over many years - accompanied by the University of Hatay - so that these silk fibers in natural colors are now available again for the production of beautiful silk fabrics.


The work of the enterprise Defne & Apollon thus makes a significant contribution to the preservation of the cultural heritage and biodiversity in the region.

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