SOLANA • Blouse from DEVA Peat Silk • 100% silk (Peace Silk)

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Wide and light blouse

The silk fabric JEENA comes from Jharkhand and is hand woven from Eri silk. The blouse is made in Germany and is activated with refined peat fibers. A garment for people who like to wear loose clothing.

The blouse is available in sizes S, M and L.

The silk comes from organic farming and is produced non-violently (organic non-violent silk).The activation of the silk fabric takes place through processes in which peat fibers and other constituent and healing substances are involved. The interaction of the various etheric forces creates a strengthening and protective environment for the organism. In addition, refined peat fibers are inserted into the hem of the blouse to improve the effect.
Size (cm) A B C D
S 55 64 67 68
M 56 66 68 70
L 57 67 71 72


Additional product information

Material 100% silk, hand woven
Quality DEVA Peat Silk (organic Peace Silk with refined peat fibers) German Handicraft
Colour natural

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