DEVA activation for yardage


5.00 / metre(s)
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Through rhythmic processes and with the help of vegetable and mineral substances, the positive properties of the peat are stimulated and strengthened. As with a homeopathic remedy, these properties are transferred to the silk.

The combination of refined peat and Peace Silk creates an environment when the textiles are used as clothing or when designing living spaces, which users describe as strengthening and protective.

The effect of the peat wears off after a while, especially if the textile is washed frequently. You can use DEVA spray to freshen up and lightly spray the peat silk with it to fully reactivate the fabrics.

You can order the DEVA spray here ...

We can completely activate fabrics up to 10 m in length in one go. For longer lengths, we will add DEVA spray to your order. You can use it to finalize the activation of the ready to wear textiles. It is not necessary to order the spray separately for the first activation!

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Prices incl. German VAT plus delivery • VAT different for other delivery countries

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