Peace Silk scarf AYURWEDA • 220 cm natural • 100% organic silk

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With good conscience - peace silk

Unbleached silk scarf Pongé 5 (22 g/m²)  as a cuddle cloth, for decoration and a seasonal table or as a fashionable pocket square - suitable for dyeing yourself. Our Dyeing sets you will find hereThe cut edges are hemmed. Processing takes place in a regional sewing shop.

This silk cloth is specially made for the SAMVAHANA silk cloth massage. The Samvahana is considered the queen of Ayurvedic massages and in India this caring treatment is traditionally given by mother to daughter before their wedding night. In the western world, the ritual is also often given to the bride as a gift (voucher) from friends or family.

More about SAMVAHANA in the blog by Petra Feldbinder (in German)..

Size: 220 cm x 140 cm



You can also get this scarf made from DEVA peat silk.

The Peace Silk is activated with the warming and protective properties of the peat. We use the TÄLMA emulsion from Johannes Kloss and Stefan Möhner for this. It is made from colloidal peat from Sweden with the addition of horse chestnut extract, larch resin and mallow blossoms. The properties are thus permanently transferred to the silk fabric.

The combination of refined peat and Peace Silk creates an environment that many users describe as strengthening and protective when the textiles are used as bed linen, clothing or when designing living spaces.

Learn more about DEVA Peat Silk...

You support with the purchase of this product:

  • The non-violent silk production without animal suffering
  • Artisan families in rural areas of India
  • The regional craft in Germany

And if you would like to dye the cloth, you can use our practical dye sets with herbal colours, which contain all the ingredients and provide you with easy-to-understand instructions.

Additional product information

material 100% silk
origin India
type of silk mulberry
rearing non-violent
quality Ahimsa
certificate Org. Textile certif.
manufacturing Saxony
dyeing -
size approx. 220 x 140 cm
weight approx. 22 g/m²


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Peace Silk scarf 30 cm • 100% organic silk Peace Silk scarf 30 cm • 100% organic silk
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