Organic silk HABOTAI 8 • 100% silk • grey

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Organic silk HABOTAI 8 • 100% silk • grey

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Organic Silk - the queen of natural fibres
A  opaque Pongé 8 (34 g) - ideal for scarves, curtains and as lining. 
This silk fabric is being produced in China, the classic country for silk. On different sites started new projects in order to enable the production of organic silk. Every production unit (spinning mill, dyeing factory, knitting mill, weaving mill and sewing) is certified and regularly visited by the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF).Hence we guarantee that th highest standards of ecology and sustainable development are respected.
Advantages of organic silk in contrast to conventional silk
  • The high-quality silkworm feed crucially improves the quality of the silk.
  • Organic silk does not contain any residues from artificial fertilizers, pesticides or growth-enhancing substances.
  • Organic silk production meets the requirements for “controlled biological production/husbandry” (kbT).

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Quality criteria
  • Bio-dynamic agriculture for the mulberry trees
  • No appliance of pesticides
  • Manufacturing without heavy metal salts and harmful chemicals
  • Fair wages for the workers


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2 - 2 of 12 results