DEVA peat silk

DEVA peat silk

DEVA peat silk

What is DEVA Peat Silk?

The silk for our textiles comes from biological silk breeding and GOTS certified production. The silkworms are not killed, but can slip out of the cocoon and complete their life cycle (Peace Silk, Ahimsa silk).

The activation of the silk fabrics takes place through processes in which peat fibers and other constituent and beneficial substances are involved.


The interaction of the refined peat with the Peace Silk makes many people feel invigorating and protective for their organism when using these textiles as clothing and in designing the living space.

DEVA Torfseide is particularly suitable for people who suffer from high sensitivity to electro-magnetic radiation and negative environmental influences.

Detailed information about DEVA Peat Silk you will find here !

DEVA Peat Silk is also suitable for babies and toddlers. Silk has been shown to help relieve irritated skin and accelerate wound healing. Sericin (silk glue - especially in the Bouretteseide) has a skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Link to the study



Shirts, blouses and vests in various plant-dyed silk fabrics for men and women

Yarn & Fleece

Yarn & Fleece

Activated yarns from Silk for weaving and knitting

Fleece from refined peat fibers and from Peace Silk (eri)


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