Curative pad from organic silk • Peace Silk 100% silk


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Allying - palliating - healing

Sensitive or irritated skin needs a soft, air-permeable cover. Here, silk pads have proven themselves. Pure silk soothes the skin and helps to regenerate sore skin.

The untreated mulberry silk cools and soothes the irritated skin. The high level of anti-inflammatory silk bast (sericin) naturally heals and relieves slight redness!

Link to the study on the wound healing of sericin (PDF) ...

The silk comes from biological silk culture (kbT) of Peace Silk cocoons.

10 piecesof 100% silk about 10 x 10 cm

handwaesche Care: Soak in lukewarm water with some tenestar silk detergent, rinse well, allow to dry. Dry sterilization is possible!

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