Peace Silk satin poquet square • 30 cm natural 100% organic silk

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With good conscience - peace silk

Silk scarf made of satin (75 g/m²) as a fashionable pocket square (pochette) - suitable for self-coloring.

The cut edges are lined. The processing takes place in a regional sewing workshop.

You support with the purchase of this product:

  • The non-violent silk production without animal suffering
  • Artisan families in rural areas of India
  • The regional craft in Germany

And if you want to dye the cloth yourself, we'll tell you where to buy textile dyes:

Livos (Pflanzenfarben)

Wollinchen (Ashford Säurefarben)

Simplicol Textilfarbe vom Hersteller

De Wullstuuv (Luvotex-Farben ökotex100)

Additional product information

material 100% silk
origin India
type of silk mulberry
rearing non-violent
quality organic
certificate Org.Text. certif.
manufacturing Saxony
dyeing -
size approx. 30 x 30 cm
weight approx. 75 g/m²

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