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  • +49 7545 933 777 9
  • email@seidentraum.eu
  • fair & sustainable in every way
  • family owned business
  • worldwide shipping

Our Mission * Our Peace Silk

Changing the textile industry

The rise of mass fashion is largely responsible for the destruction of the environment and social conditions in many parts of our world. Seidentraum is committed to the transition to textile production that values and protects nature and people.

How we do it

We support our partners in India in improving social conditions. The manual production of the silk yarns and fabrics takes place with the involvement of disadvantaged women's groups in the villages. By supporting them we actively help to ensure that children in Jharkhand can attend a school.

We trade exclusively with Peace Silk. Its caterpillars can hatch as butterflies. The cocoons are only then processed into silk yarn. In traditional silk production, the pupa dies in the cocoon. We allow millions of butterflies to hatch and live every year.

Special features of our Peace Silk

  • Organic farming with mixed cultivation
  • Mainly manufactured according to GOTS
  • Handcrafted production of fabrics and yarns
  • We buy directly from the manufacturer
  • No child labor
  • German production of clothing, bedding, silk scarves and more
  • Timeless designs for more durability and sustainability in the textile industry
  • We look for regional suppliers for operational needs
  • We avoid CO2 emissions by selecting our partners appropriately
  • We prefer office supplies made from recycled materials

We are committed to changing the fashion industry - away from cheap and unhealthy disposable clothing that only lasts a few months - towards durable, sustainable and timeless textiles.

We are committed to changing consumer awareness, questioning the conditions under which their clothing is made and showing the benefits of sustainable, healthy and fair textiles.

"Be the change you want to see in this world."

Mahatma Gandhi

Detailed information

Our organic silk fabrics made from Mulberry silk, Eri silk and Tussah silk come from organic farming in India and Turkey. Much of the forage crops for the silkworms grow naturally in the region. The mulberry trees are cultivated in a sustainable mixed culture with fruit and other trees. The negative effects of a monoculture on the soil and the environment are thus avoided and biodiversity is preserved. Artificial fertilizers, antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones are consistently avoided.

Our Peace Silk (Ahimsa Silk, non-violent silk) is produced in India under strict social and ecological standards and is mainly manufactured according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This guarantees the highest possible social, ecological and natural textile standards.

With regard to the GOTS certification of our products, we would like to point out the following:

Due to the regulations of the GOTS for the designation of textiles, only those fabrics can be marked as "certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)" whose entire textile chain is completely certified. For us as a retailer, this means: As soon as we don't resell a fabric in the original packaging as a whole bale, but instead cut off individual pieces of it, the GOTS chain is considered broken and the fabric can no longer be described as "GOTS-certified". You can recognize these fabrics in our range by the certification "manufactured according to GOTS".

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