Meghalaya Peace Silk

Meghalaya Peace Silk



Meghalaya is a small and less opened state in NE-India. It is situated in the Himalayan foothills und has a moderate very moist climate. Meghalaya means: Abode of the clouds. In Meghalaya mostly the eri silk worm is domesticated. Eri silk is characterized by ac very smooth and flexible fibre.


Weberin_floor_loomSilk rearing is realized in a natural (organic) way. The processing of the cocoons is made by traditional methods after the pupae is taken out. The fibres are mainly spun by a drop spindle. The yarns are woven on traditional floor looms or newly with frame looms to get wider fabrics). All the handicraft is done by women.





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And there is also a noteworthiness in Meghalaya: Both of the most populated tribes, the Khasi and the Garo,  are living in a matri-linear form of society. Women are the head of the family. She manage the claims of the family (houses, fields, forest), organize the agriculture and care for the family members. Always the youngest daughter of a woman accepts office from her mother.

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Our partners in Meghalaya

The collaboration is supported by GIZ and the Government of Meghalaya in line with the project: "Climate Change Adaption North Eastern Region of India". Objective of this project is to provide for the livelihood of the indigenous population and the biodiversity in NE-India.

The advantage of Meghalaya Silk

  • 100% ORGANIC
    • farming without use of herbicides and pesticides
    • no use of chemicals at the silk rearing
    • fibre production exclusively from empty eri silk cocoons
    • dyeing of the textiles by natural herbal dyes
    • natural silk without chemical finishing
    • silk rearing in small rural units
    • textile manufacturing in family workshops
    • survival of traditional handicraft
    • income maintenance in spite of climatic change

High quality silk textiles from sustainable and fair manufacturing on a high level of craftsmanship for an acceptable price