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  • fair & sustainable in every way
  • family owned business
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Organic Peace Silk SUNFLOWER • satin herbal dyed • 100% silk

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Healing power and beauty

A real rarity: Beautifully shiny fabric made of soft mulberry silk (in warp and weft) dyed with medicated sunflower and fennel by BERTA MARIA.

The silk comes from organic agriculture and is produced non-violently (organic and non-violent silk).The fabric was hand-dyed by Berta Maria. She has decades of experience in dealing with dye plants, medicinal plants and silk. Most of the plants she uses have been lovingly collected by hand from around Lake Constance. The vibrancy of the colors is unsurpassed. The effect of the plant's forces contributes to well-being and balance.

  • Aloe vera has been around for thousands of years Valued for their healing powers and is still one of the most frequently used medicinal herbs today
  • It is antibacterial and dirt-repellent and absorbs a lot of moisture
  • Organic silk is durable and dries quickly
  • Washable at 60 ° C with silk detergent (tenestar)

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Please note that the colours may differ from the original when shown on your screen! The colour of the aloe vera cannot be represented digitally.

material: 100% silk

origin: India type of silk Mulberry

rearing : non-violent

quality: Ahimsa

certificate: * organic

manufacturing: machine

dyeing: herbal dyeing

width: approx. 114 cm

weight: approx. 70 g/m²

availability: on stock

* This fabric was manufactured according to one of the most stringent natural textile standards. All production companies are certified (spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving). Since SEIDENTRAUM is not certified as a retailer, the product (in accordance with the provisions of the Global Organic Textile Standard gGMBH as the owner of the "GOTS" brand) can not be offered by us as "certified". Thank you to everyone involved in the production and organization of these beautiful silk textiles that strive to guarantee you top quality organic quality with the highest possible standard of environmental and social sustainability.

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